Mentoplasty in Ottawa, Eastern Ontario

Some patients dislike their profile appearance, believing that their nose is too big, but fail to appreciate that their chin is possibly too small. This may be a simple or complex problem, and can be assessed in our office.

If the dental occlusion (or ‘bite’) is out of alignment, then we will recommend a specialist in maxillofacial surgery to advise and treat you. If the teeth are normal and well aligned, the chin shape can be improved with the insertion of a small silastic implant placed immediately in front of the bone of the jaw. This surgery can be done inside the lower lip, avoiding any visible scars.

The chin surgery is brief and the recovery time is typically 8 to 10 days. Rarely, the implant position may require secondary ‘touch up’ adjustment, but this is unusual. Some numbness and limited motion in the lower lip may follow the chin augmentation surgery and this is temporary, resolving without treatment.

Contact us today to discuss your options for mentoplasty. We proudly serve patients in Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, and the surrounding areas.