Labiaplasty (Female Genital Enhancement) in Ottawa, Eastern Ontario

Why the interest?

In 2016, the single year growth data collected by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported an increase in demand for female labiaplasty by 39%. More than 12,000 of these procedures were performed in the U.S. alone in that year. (Only micro-fat grafting to the female breast grew at a faster rate than this in 2016)

To understand the growing demand, recent studies have published the reasons why women seek out this treatment.

They arise in two broad categories:

  • physical (and physiological) symptoms: elongated labia minora causing painful tugging or pinching during intercourse, running, cycling, horseback riding, etc, and
  • cosmetic: the discontent and embarrassment caused for women with elongated protruding labia exposed by revealing swim suits, exercise wear and increased attention to pubic grooming (e.g. Brazilian waxing)

What is the procedure?

To correct excessive elongation of the labia minora a short operative procedure is carried out under either local or general anaesthesia in our Day Surgery unit. The operation involves reducing the height of the labia minora so that they rest comfortably on the inside edges of the labia majora. Normal appearance of the vulva and sensation in the labia are preserved. The sutures dissolve in approximately 6-8 days. You will be up and around the day after surgery; our nursing team will coach you on the progressive return to normal activities.

Customized Care

Dr. Callaghan will explain fully the treatment options, as well as the predicted course of recovery and expected outcome. One procedure option does not suit all…

Some patients in fact seek enhancement of the labia majora through injectable fillers or micro fat grafting. Others need only balancing to correct labial asymmetry or unevenness. We listen to your questions before planning treatment.

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