Facial Skin Resurfacing (Face Peels)

In our practice, skin resurfacing of the face is recommended for the troublesome wrinkles around the mouth, and for the light brown pigmented spots and patches that appear on the face after years of sun exposure or the typical progress of aging.

These can be improved by the application of organic acid materials to the skin which cause the surface layers to separate and ‘peel’ off (exfoliation). This exposes a deeper layer of skin, which has a smoother fresher appearance with less wrinkling.

We use alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) to produce a light peel. To reach a deeper level of peel, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is used in various concentrations to obtain the desired smoothing of wrinkles.

Occasionally a single peel is all that is required, but more commonly we will do two or even three applications over a few weeks to allow rapid healing between treatments but ultimately reach the desired outcome improvement.

After a medium depth TCA peel, a dry crust forms on the skin surface which takes 5-7 days to clear. The treated area is rose or pink in colour (like a sunburn) and may require cosmetic camouflage for a week or two when going out.

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