Abdominoplasty in Ottawa, Eastern Ontario

If you have excess skin and fat folds on your abdomen caused by weight loss or pregnancy, it is likely that you will benefit from an abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck.” The procedure tightens the skin and improves stretch marks. A tummy tuck will enhance your shape by making your stomach firmer and flatter. Prior to surgery, Dr. Callaghan will assess how much excess fat and loose skin you have in your abdomen as well as the condition of your stomach muscles.

Body SilhouetteThe standard abdominoplasty incision is made above the pubic area as a horizontal line and curves upward toward the pelvic bones. An effort is always made to keep the incision below the line of a bathing suit or undergarment shadow. Often, liposuction is done as part of the procedure.

There are several approaches to this procedure, depending upon the amount of skin and fat to be removed. Because there are several possible approaches that can be used for this surgery, Dr. Callaghan will talk to you about the method he feels will achieve the best result in your case. Tummy tuck patients are usually able to go home the same day of surgery. No drains are necessary thanks to newer suturing techniques and suture materials (barbed dissolving sutures).

It is possible to experience post-operative tissue loss where the abdominoplasty incision is made if the procedure is carried out in patients who smoke. For this reason, smokers may not be able to undergo the full extent of the tummy tuck procedure. Other risks include wound infection and fluid accumulation under the skin, though accumulated fluid can usually be removed painlessly in the office.

You will be given a support garment (elastic abdominal wrap) to wear for a few weeks, and you should not sit for long periods in the week after your surgery. Walking is encouraged. While bruising and swelling disappear over a few weeks, numbness in some areas of the lower abdomen may persist for several months. Scars will be deep in color for some time following surgery, and will likely always be slightly visible. In some cases, scars eventually fade to very faint lines.

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